Word of Yahweh Order Form

The Word of Yahweh is a new edition of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures. In order for a new Bible edition to be successful it must fill a need. This project had its origin at the 1999 Sacred Name Unity Conference in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. At that conference a presentation was given calling for a quality version of the Bible, emphasizing the sacred names of our Heavenly Father and His Son.

With the generous contributions of both expertise and financial support of many dedicated individuals in the Body of the Messiah, we present this Word of Yahweh as an offering of love to our Heavenly Father Yahweh and His Son, our savior, Yahshua. The primary objective in producing this version of the Bible is to bring honor and praise to the Sacred Names of our Heavenly Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua.

Shipping & Handling Costs:
United States
$10 each for priority mail (2-3 days)
$25 per case for media mail
$50 per case for priority mail
$30 each for priority mail intl
$75 per case for priority mail intl
Other Foreign Countries
$45 each for priority mail intl
Please contact Post Office for per case cost of 29 lbs

    All checks and money orders payable to:

    Assembly of Yahweh
    1017 N. Gunnell Road
    Eaton Rapids, MI 48827