In 1 Kings 9:3, YAHWEH told King Solomon, … “I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.”

YAHWEH told King Solomon that His Name, and His eyes would be at His House at the appointed seasons. His heart and mind would be there to guide and teach His people and bring them to perfection if they walked in His ways.

The promise YAHWEH gave Solomon in answer to his prayer is the same promise that Yahweh is giving us today: a promise of PROTECTION, JOY, PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING, if we acknowledge the authority of His Name and His House by walking in His ways. The apostle Shaul proclaimed in Colossians 2:16-17 that the people of YAHWEH, THE BODY OF THE MESSIAH, The Remnant, The Assembly of YAHWEH, would be shadowed from the time of trouble (Isaiah 4:5-6). And that YAHWEH’S Feast Days, New Moons and Sabbaths were this Shadow of PROTECTION from the things that are coming.

The Pestilence and Destruction, because of war, mentioned in Psalm 91 is the same destruction mentioned for these Last Days by YAHSHUA (Yahwsha-SEC #3467) the Messiah in Matthew 24. His PROTECTION for the Body of the Messiah, for those who truly love Him by keeping His Laws is a PROMISE. The Body of the Messiah is the Remnant, the Assembly who are gathered as One Body, in the appointed place, three times each year to celebrate YAHWEH’S Feasts.

If we do not come to the Feasts of YAHWEH, as this one Body, we are not partakers of YAHWEH’S Promise. If we separate from these, we separate ourselves from YAHWEH’S Protection from the horrible things prophesied to come. Prophecy shows that a Remnant (Joel 2:32) Assembly in the Last Days will complete its work. This group of people will inform each other to alert them of ways to prepare and protect themselves to be able to continue diligently performing YAHWEH’S Work unto the end.
Preparing for Jacob’s Trouble and World-Wide Warfare,

Elder Yahyl D.U. Intong