This magazine is published for the sake of truth in honor of our Heavenly
Father and His only begotten Son. It upholds the originally inspired Scriptures,
teaching to declare all the counsel of The Almighty One. It proclaims the
Father’s scholarly recognized name, YAHWEH, and the Son’s, YAHSHUA,
rather than substitutions. It upholds the Ten Commandments, recognizing the
name, Yahweh, in the third, and the seventh day Sabbath (not the first day of
the week) in the fourth. It stands for baptism (immersion) in the name,
Yahshua, the Messiah, according to Acts 2:38 and Matthew 28:19;
the ordinance of feet washing and the commemoration of the Messiah’s death, at
the Passover season; the set times of Unleavened Bread, Weeks (Pentecost),
Tabernacles, with all the yearly set apart convocation days of Leviticus 23. It
advocates tithing and the observance of Yahweh’s laws for our well being
including clean foods. It teaches repentance of sin (disobeying Yahweh), and
justification by faith in Yahshua, the Messiah, in whom we have redemption
through His blood; making right the whole man, physically and spiritually;
stressing the importance of the set apart righteous life, and the Power of
Yahweh’s Spirit of separation teaching the obedient to do His will. It is
supported by "called out ones of Yahweh," which is the meaning of "Assembly
of Yahweh." It is for those hearing and heeding the call of Revelation 18:4, and
is proclaiming to the world that Yahweh reigns, Psalm 96.

Original editor, C.O. Dodd